Camps and Workshops

Like the list of teachers, this list of  camps and workshops that are overtly concertina- and accordion-friendly isn’t complete.  We’ll update it periodically, but try doing your own research, too–you might be surprised at what you find in your own back yard.

Concertinas and accordions are the raison d’être of the Northeast Squeeze-In, a weekend event in the Berkshires featuring workshops, sessions, and lots of friendly free-reed enthusiasts.  Other instruments are welcome, so it’s safe to bring friends and family who play strings, winds, and so forth.  It’s held in late September, generally a beautiful time of year in New England.  Even non-musical companions will enjoy tagging along.

In October and November of 2017, Manchester Community College, in Manchester, CT, is offering a credit-free course called “Accordion Revival” through their Continuing Education program.  If you go to their credit-free catolgue and make your way down to page 39, you can see the description.  The information session in September is free.

Maine Fiddle Camp has a piano accordion teacher on staff most sessions and button accordion and concertina teachers for the second of their June weekends.

Northeast Heritage Music Camp, in Vermont, is typically in June.  Taking 2017 as a sample year, they have not one, but two excellent piano accordion players on staff.

The Catskills Irish Arts Week in East Durham, New York is a comprehensive Irish festival with music everywhere in town and free-reed classes in Anglo concertina, Irish button accordion, and piano accordion.

Irish concertina master Noel Hill will teach three 5-day workshops in the US in 2017–one in the East, one in the Midwest, and one in the West.

Gypsy jazz enthusiasts, check out Django in June, in Northampton, MA, with world-class performers and instructors on piano and chromatic button accordion.

Ashokan, in New York State, has several week-long camps in the summer.  In 2017, Northern Week includes staff teaching button accordion, piano accordion, and English concertina.  Southern Week includes Cajun accordion.

Leapfrogging to the other side of the country, Cascadia Irish Music Week is taking a year off in 2017.  Check back for 2018; they have instructors in Irish concertina and button accordion.

In Québéc, Camp de Souches à oreilles offers instruction on many instruments, including button accordion.  You can also learn step-dancing, dance, swim, attend evening concerts, enjoy the stars, and more.

If you happen to be in the United Kingdom at the right time, check out Concertinas at Witney, with instructors on Anglo, English, and duet concertinas.

Also in the UK, you can check out programs offered by the East Anglican Traditional Music Trust.  They sponsor a day of workshops for melodeon and concertina, Melodeons and More, in the spring and ongoing evening classes throughout the year.

Tunes in the dining room

Piano accordions rule in the dining room at the 2008 Northeast Squeeze-In.

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