Listening: Piano Accordion

The piano accordion is such a versatile instrument that even skimming the surface is daunting, yet we have tried, sort of.  Most of our experience is in the realm of traditional music of one sort or another, so although we have ventured onto the streets of Paris, we have stayed away from jazz clubs and concert halls.

Rachel Bell’s Tone Chambers, accurately described as “traditional music with a contemporary twist,” is available on CDBaby.  You can also hear her with clarinet and piano as part of Old World Charm School on SoundCloud.

Fans of Scottish music will want to check out Phil Cunningham’s solo accordion recording Palomino Waltz (1988), still available on Apple Music and iTunes.

Recordings by the Klezmatics include the double-CD Live at Town Hall, available on Amazon for download, streaming, or as a physical CD.

Jeremiah McLane is fluent in a number of genres.  On The Grinding Stone (2015), he plays original tunes with a French and a Celtic flavor.

For a taste of the streets of Paris, check out Dan’s Newton’s La Vie Musette (2002), availably on CDBaby.

Sergiu Popa falls mostly into the category of Eastern European.  His recording Obsession Accordéon is available on CDBaby.

Karen Tweed is another multi-linguist, musically speaking.  Her 1996 recording with guitarist Ian Carr, Fyace, is available on iTunes.