This list is not complete; check back or do your own research online or in your area if you don’t find what you’re looking for.  If your search for a teacher is not fruitful, keep in mind that while lessons can be of infinite value, many people become proficient with the help of a book or dvd, careful listening, and a lot of practice.

Caitlin Nic Gabhann has developed an online course for Irish-style Anglo concertina at IrishConcertinaLessons.com.  You can sign up by the month or by the year, and you can experience one trial lesson before you commit.

Christian “Junior” Stevens teaches C/G Anglo concertina, B/C and C#/D button accordion, and 1-row melodeon.  His focus in on Irish-style playing but he is familiar with other styles as well.  He teaches throughout New England in person and via Skype elsewhere.

Florence Fahy, from North Clare and currently based in Boston, on the North Shore, teaches Irish-style C/G Anglo concertina.  She teaches in person if you’re close enough and via Skype anywhere with an internet connection.  Her website includes mp3 files of a “tune of the month” that she plays on solo Anglo concertina–a learning resource in itself.

The CCE Boston Music School offers group classes on Irish-style Anglo concertina and button accordion on Saturday mornings during the school year.

Another option for those interested in Irish music is the Online Academy of Irish Music, with classes in Irish concertina, button accordion, and piano accordion.

Jody Kruskal teaches Anglo concertina in the harmonic style.  He gives lessons in Brooklyn and via Skype.  When you visit his website, be sure to check out the concertina gallery.

Alex Wade teaches English concertina in person in the UK and via Skype anywhere that Skype will reach.  Some players might be familiar with her from The English Concertina- Absolute Beginners, a book she co-authored with Dave Mallinson.  There is a companion CD as well.

Dave Paton teaches English concertina.  He is based in northwest Connecticut but offers online lessons, so geography is not a limitation.

Alex Cumming teaches piano accordion, in person in the Boston (MA) area and online via any of several common apps.  He is available for regularly scheduled lessons or for one-off sessions if you’re looking for help with a particular facet of your playing.  Although classically trained, he specializes in folk and traditional music.

Jeremiah McLane teaches not only piano accordion but improvisation and jazz theory as well.  He is a master of a range of styles and repertoires, from the traditional to the more outré, including but not limited to Breton music from Northwestern France and traditional dance music from Central France.

Karen Tweed teaches piano accordion at home in the UK and worldwide via Skype.  She teaches all levels, with an emphasis on fun, expressiveness, and creativity.  She can work with ensembles as well as individuals.

Dallas Vietty teaches piano accordion via Skype.  His specialty is jazz and swing, and his website includes a forum and a blog–a wealth of resources and inspiration.

Mel Biggs teaches 2-row button accordion.  She is based in the UK but teaches worldwide by Skype.  She offers both workshops and one-on-one instruction, and has developed an online course for absolute beginners on the D/G button accordion as well.

Also in the UK, long-time button accordion player and former organizer of the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust Katie Howson is available for one-on-one lessons and workshops, too.  She plays D/G and single-row C.

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